Gosh, I hate to admit it but the ACLU tried a case that I agree on.  Quick get Ripley’s Believe it Or Not here. 

 The ACLU prosecuted Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital for homeless dumping.  The ACLU contends that they were negligent in treatment and discharge of the individual.  The man was a quadrapalegic and mentally ill.  He went to be seen for a urinary track infection which didn’t get treated.  They dumped him on skid row with his catheter attached and was wearing a soiled hospital gown.  He made it back a second time to the hospital and again, they hospital employees carted him back off to skid row again. 

The hospital administrator contends they don’t solve homeless problems.  The administrator never did address the fact the man had a urinary tract infection that they didn’t take care of.  The case doesn’t make it to trial until April the 15th but the hospital says it will settle out of court.