Michael Crook has been outed.  He got caught attempting sound legitimate by saying Mikey got busted for traffic fines.  Really, we were all skeptical of his story under his reason to Celebrate title which we posted his comments. 

I had a little fun at his expense when I insinuated that the reason he lived with his grandma is because he was molesting his sister then insinuated that after his mom and his dad were divorced the judge was forced to pronounce them brother and sister again.  He sent a pathetic reply which outed him.  He said leave him out of this incest crap.  I actually don’t believe any of the things I said to him but figured if Mikey was going to email me, I should have a little fun at his expense. 

Let’s face facts here Michael, not only are you really not that bright, you’re proned to out yourself in the end.