I found a good source for finding out how many millions of dollars are spent on earmarks in a year.  You’ll be disgusted how dishonest our politicians are.  Their only answers are to raise taxes but I’ve got a better idea.  Let’s get rid of earmarks all together.  Then we’ll have plenty of money to fund government needs. 


If you’d like to read about ways the government has wasted money go to this link.


After reading these links, you like everyone else should be offended by their insinuation that we need to raise taxes.  They have cut veteran programs while they shamlessly spend our money on crap!  We need to make these dummies understand that this money IS NOT they’re money it’s our hard earned tax money.

John Murtha actually had temper tantrum when his earmark was turned down.  Murtha then attempted to use strong arm tactics to get his 23 million dollar earmark in.