A 16 y/o male teenager attempted to hijack a plane and crash it into a Hanna Montanah concert.  He was removed from the plane with suspicious items in his possession.  Among the items was rope, duct tape, and handcuffs.

This is proof that parents aren’t taking their kids to the woodshed when needed.  I’ll guarantee you if that had been my kid, this wouldn’t have happened.  I’d have planted one of my size 10 1/2 boots up his ass before he could have ran away. 

You see these kind of parents all of the time at the grocery store.  The kid is running around being a pain in the butt while the parents look like they’ve just taken 3 valiums and just want to mellow out.  My response to the situation was always to lean down and ask my son if he’d like to go to the car.  In his interpretation, going to the car meant he would probably get spanked.  He’d straighten right up. 

Parents now days let their kids do whatever they want.  The last time I had a problem with my son was on a flight from Guam to Washington state.  He made me reach under the seat and grab him out of his world and into reality.  I pulled him out from under the seat and merely whispered in his ear if he’d like me to give him a legitimate reason to cry.  He stopped screaming for the rest of the flight, sat in his seat, and was quiet.  If your going to let your kids control you then your asking for teens like this one.