Advertisers Jumping Off Mikey’s Ship:  Apparently, Mikey is having a hard time keeping advertisers. Guess Mikey’s opinions aren’t worth money after all. Guess extreme circumstances call for extreme measures eh Mikey. Maybe you should pull your head out of your ass enough so that you can see daylight and stop being an asshat. Then maybe your advertisers wouldn’t quit supporting your pathetic blog.  What’s next? Are you going to start advertising penis englargers so you can say not only am I advertising this product, I am a satisfied customer.  I’m almost up to 2 inches now.  My girlfriend says I’m a stud!  Just let me know when you get more advertisers so I can send some more emails to them.

Mikey Is Unemployed:  Mikey is once again unemployed courtesy of his big mouth and desire to act like an Internet troll.  This isn’t the first time Mikey has had to learn this lesson. Guess he’s just plane outright stupid to have to learn lessons multiple times.  The first time his boss was a veteran and didn’t really feel flattered that one of his employees went on national TV and hated on the troops.  This time Mikey incited a riot at his office building.  What’s an unemployed person with website dues, a blackberry (Even though he can’t pay for blackberry service on unemployment), and Internet Troll with no Internet supposed to do?  I guess he could start dumpster diving for food and spend his unemployment on the necessities.  I predicted he didn’t have a job on Thursday when he was posting multiple blog entries all day.  Guess I was right.  I even celebrated his firing. I ate a nice steak and potato lunch yesterday and ate out at Taco Buenos yesterday evening. Too bad Mikey can’t keep sponsors on his site to help out with his bills.  Just look at the bright side Mikey, by getting fired, you can collect unemployment while you try to find another job but not sure how long you’ll have that job because sooner or later, your ways will catch back up to you.  In a way, your desire to push emotional buttons helps you in your self-destructive ways.  I’m sure Mikey won’t acknowledge that he lost his job because of his blog it’s always the employers who are stupid.  Eventually, Crooked boy will have to look in the mirror and say everything can’t be everyone else’s fault when I have incited a riot by choosing to push peoples emotional buttons.  Oh well at least you can buy your groceries at the new dollar store they just opened while the residents yell and scream about your presence in their town!  What I don’t understand is how Mikey DOES NOT understand that if he keeps the hate shit up, his chances of growing old are getting shorter because he’s pushing people’s buttons and eventually one of the ones he’s pissed off will get their hands on him.  At which time, a soldier in Iraq has better chances of living to be 60 than Michael does.  As much of a coward as Mikey is, for the life of me, I don’t understand why he thinks he won’t get pwned by someone who he’s pissed off.

America’s Snarkiest Blogger?  Unless Snarkiest means dumbest, this statement is incorrect.  How smart is calling a female detractor and threatening to come to Florida and rape her while being recorded doing so?  It’s not very smart you idiot!  However, she is much more kinder than I would be.  I’d turn over the tape to New Jersey and press harassment charges.  That one put you one step towards your goal of total prison sex. Besides, you’re sadly mistaken if you think she’s the only person going after your advertisers.  I emailed most of them myself.  Are you going to call me and threaten to come rape me?  I’d kick your ass 20 different shades of black and blue.  That’s just the bruises, that won’t account for the broken bones you’d receive in the process.  I’d have no problem running an hour long submission clinic on your carcass and introducing you to intense pain.  I’m sure you’d offer the police a Monica Lewinsky if they showed up before the hour was up.  You definitely wouldn’t be hating on them!

There Goes The Neighborhood:  Mikey is wetting his pants because now he has a reason to go to Ventnor.  I guess they’re opening a Dollar Tree there just for Mikey.  Mikey is such an idiot that he believes the city has to approve dollar stores before they can come in.  Absolutely not!  If the city doesn’t have a valid reason to say no, they have to say yes.  The fact that the store will bring in people like Mikey isn’t a valid reason to say no.  Mikey attempts to call the dollar store trash likes it’s below him to go to such stores but I’ll willing to bet, Mikey will do most of his grocery shopping there and take the groceries back to his trailer.

The Price We Pay:  Yeah whatever Mikey.  I’d never go to Ocean City for a vacation.  Let’s face it, people who go there are people that live close by.  If I were going on vacation, I’d go to New Orleans or Florida. Hell, unlike you, I haven’t ruined my welcome in Ocala. If you don’t like the selfish boat operator, you should move. He’s got every right to go through that throughway. In fact, he’s probably paying the city a pretty penny for the right to move his boat in between the throughway.

Gina Durham:  the mighty fall off camera: I think that Mikey hates this girl because she turned down his sexual advances and enforced her “You have to be this big to ride this ride” policy.  I mean it’s like I’ve said before, A girl that looks that good won’t have anything to do with Mikey.  In fact, all Mikey can do in such cases is crow about how he’d hit that.  The truth, a girl that looks that good would have to be passed out drunk before Mikey would get the chance.  Of course Mikey’s pathetic story is that she screwed up his trailer trash girlfriend’s order.  Yeah, right Mikey.  She sent you home to take care of yourself but you’ll make up the story about her screwing up an order.  Evidently, her friends attempted a beat down on Mikey.  I’m kind of disappointed they didn’t get their hands on him.  Maybe they were too stupid to pull it off.  Obviously, they didn’t have the benefit of my intelligence because if I’d wanted to beat Mikey down it would have been successful like everything else I do.  For the record, I wouldn’t touch Mikey because I’d definitely need the same shots the Democratic Party needed to go see NASCAR and I hate needles.  If Mikey showed up at my front door that would be another story all together.  I’d beat him like he owed me money.

Why is that criminal?:  This article on his blog proves my point.  Mikey is a piece of shit.  He can’t understand that if you see someone in need of help; you are required by law to help them.  This law is sometimes called the “Good Samaritan Law.”  He wants to take pictures and watch them die.  Evidently there is a lady being prosecuted for not calling 911.  Mikey believes the “Failure to Render Aid” law does not apply to him.  I hope he does what he says because by him taking pictures, that incriminates him.  This would result in a quick trial and end in Mikey going to meet his new lovers….the jail crowd.

It’s A Redneck BBQ, Ya’ll!:  Mikey is happy that there are out of control fires in Texas.  Why would Mikey feel that way?  Because both Emily Jane Pearson and I, two of his detractors, live in Texas.  Just to ease Mikey’s mind, the fires are over 200 miles away from me.  There is no chance in hell that I’ll parish in any of the fires plaguing the state of Texas. I’ll be here today to insult you and I’ll be here tomorrow to humiliate you.  No worries.  Let not your heart be troubled, Mikey!

Oregon Soldier Hurt His Brain:  This blog article shows if Mikey ever had a good idea, he should just let it pass; even gas dissipates eventually.  Mikey’s whole point is that the widow/family gets the deceased service person’s Serviceman’s Group Life Insurance.  To let my readers in on a clue, this money that is given to the relatives of the deceased is called Serviceman’s Group Life Insurance.  Mikey contends this is government money but he is sadly mistaken.  All military personnel paid this money into the SGLI accounts.  Even the deceased person has paid into this account.  I paid into this insurance for 20 years and didn’t need it and have no problem with my money going to someone who is eligible to receive it.  It isn’t government money like that piece of shit Mikey wants you to believe.  Mikey didn’t make it through basic training so how can he be an expert at talking about servicemen benefits.  The government gives the family of the deceased soldiers their last paycheck and pays for their funeral.  Mikey at least the soldier had a brain and I know this makes you jealous as hell.

Maybe it’s guilt:  Mikey is spanking the monkey over a report on military suicides.  Aaaaa wrong answer Mikey, maybe I should kick you in the head for every wrong answer.  Your head-up-ass commentary that these soldiers feel guilt for bilking the taxpayers does not hold any water.  In fact, I’m more qualified to speak about this subject than Mikey, as I’m a 20-year veteran.

Mikey hasn’t got a clue about what happens to soldiers that go to war.  Killing someone is not a easy act for some but are motivated by the fact it’s “Kill or be killed.” In some cases, these soldiers have witnessed horrific scenes.  Combine that with the strain that being away from their spouses for a year or so on a deployment.  Then you have a recipe for disaster.  Their personal life spirals out of control due to the deployment.  The government sent them to war and the government is responsible for making sure the individuals are mentally ok.  Increased suicides shows that the government has failed veterans.

Injustice In Mays Landing:  In this blog, Mikey proves he’s not intelligent enough to know the difference between a criminal act and defending yourself.  Mikey believes Christopher Blank had a legal right to shoot 2 police officers.  Talk about Head-up-Ass commentary. 

Ocala Wrestlers Cry Like Bitches:  I suppose they haven’t done anything that Mikey himself hasn’t done. I mean who would know how bitches cry more than Mikey? I’m sure Mikey cried like a little bitch when his grandma passed away.  Other than that, Mikey has no clue about human emotions when you lose a friend.  Let’s face facts here, Mikey has no friends so he is unable to imagine losing a friend. 

Mikey also says wrestlers are violent and crude.  I’ve known several wrestlers and this is absolutely bullshit. In Mikey’s case, I could see one of those wrestlers work a couple of submissions on Mikey.  I can’t say that I haven’t thought about running a submission clinic on Mikey.  I’m sure I could make Mikey cry like a little bitch.

Soldiers Get More Undeserved Perks:  Mikey is just jealous because he was not man enough to “Man up” and join the military.  This is where his hatred really comes from.  He figures if he can’t join them then bash them.  It’s fair to the soldiers that someone can’t take their kids away from them while they are deployed. They didn’t make the decision to go play in the sand you idiot; the government sent them.  You like to mention your kids and how you gave them up; let’s face it, you enjoyed making them kids and when you had to change diapers, clean your house, you decided it was too much work.  Unlike you, the soldiers aren’t trying to get rid of their kids because they are too much work.  They weren’t too much work when you were hitting it?  But they are too much work after you’ve done the deed and had kids while the gene pool lifeguards were on break.

Earth to Mikey, most people who rent a house to a military person prefers military personnel renting their house.  They have insurance (the soldiers career) that they will pay all of their back rent.  Unlike if they rented their place to someone like you of course.  People like you keep landlords going after military personnel to rent their place because they don’t have to worry about getting paid.  Employers like hiring military personnel because unlike you, there is no drama in employing veterans.  Veterans make it to work on time even if they have to crawl to the office.  Employers like that!  Employers hire veterans because they know a veteran has a long history of not being a problem in the office. They aren’t racists like you.  They will get along with 99% of their co-workers.  Veterans are technically proficient at what they do.  Ohhh so when my spies spotted you driving around with an ugly woman what they actually saw was you with your stump broken sheep.  I suppose Mikey has his sheep stump trained to where they back up to the stump for him.

Facebook Suicide: This article shows criminal intent on Mikey’s part.  Mikey your so fucking stupid that you can’t comprehend the fact that you just committed a crime by encouraging this young lady to kill herself.  I’m sure if she did kill herself that the prosecutor would love to know about your online conversation with her.  Mikey should get used to being addressed as “bitch come here” as I believe this is in your future.  Maybe this is Mikey’s girlfriend cause I wouldn’t blame her for wanting to off herself after having sex with Mikey.

The newest development is that Mikey is being taken to court over this. Her parents saw Mikey’s text message that told the girl to do it! Mikey can be prosecuted under the “Failure To Render Aid” law. Of course Mikey is laughing now but if this is a true story, Mikey should be crying right now. Mikey has been known to lie quite a bit so it wouldn’t surprise me if this story were a lie.

Cover-up in Ocala:  Trashy little town?  Mikey, you’ve been reading penthouse stories again and fantasizing.  I mean look at yourself; I can look at you and tell that begging is part of your foreplay.  They say sex is the equivalent of running up 2 flights of stairs but in your case, it probably lasts just as long.

As far as a cover-up, I doubt it.  I’ve seen kids speed just because they can.  In fact, there is a section of road out here in Abilene that kids race on either by themselves or with their friends.  You can’t always assume (ass-u-me) that he was racing anyone.

Same boring Crooked Boy MO.  They were at this address drinking.  Only the autopsies will show whether they had anything in their system and your dumb ass is trying to indict them before the evidence is available to back you up.  You’d make a shitty detective Mikey.

Oh that is freakin’ hilarious Mikey is talking about someone being self-centered.  Mikey, you’re as self-centered as they come and have absolutely no room to talk on the subject.  Oh wait! Mikey is calling someone mentally ill.  Mikey, you can’t stick to your lies as you’ve told so many.  I thought your stance was that there was no such thing as mental illness.  I guess it is hard to keep your lies straight when you tell so many.

Again, I’d tell Mikey to keep his day job (Oops, I forgot he was fired) because his humor is hard for most people to see.  I mean it appears to me that Mikey is either drunk or on drugs.  He’d have to be to find this story amusing.

Story on Billman and Moscatiello:  Crooked Boy goes over this story and alludes that the Billman (Female, 15) and Moscatiello (Male, 18) were sexually engaged in statutory rape.  This is more Head-up-ass commentary by Mikey.  What Mikey would never know is that, unlike him, other kids hang out with each other.  I lived in a apartment when I was a kid and all of the kids 13-17 hung out played sports and chatted.  We’d still be on friendly terms when they turned 18 after all we’d known this person for a few years.  I hung out with a 19 y/o girl that had graduated.  We weren’t having sex or anything but we were friends.  I guess where the hang up is that Mikey never had other kids that wanted to hang out with him.  Mikey also contends that they broke the law by going up on the roof of the school.  Well we’d done that several times when I was in school.  We’d get up on the roof of the school and suntan or in my case attempt to suntan.  Mikey accuses the guy of statutory rape is not a valid point.  Your point is as invalid as you are.

I’m sensitive To The Fact:  This is pure “Head up Ass” hate speech.  Mikey mentions that he’s not as ignorant as Sean Hanity said.  He then proceeded to mention that the month of February is Black History Month.  He mentions a black criminal and said he’s celebrating Black History Month “By talking into detail about Coloreds who have contributed to society.” He began by showing a picture of Sydney Lee Allen who was busted in San Francisco for “assault with intent to commit rape, sodomy, or oral copulation.”  According to Mikey, this is celebrating Black History Month Michael Crook style.

I beg to disagree with Mikey.  This shows how completely fucking ignorant he really is.  My advice to Mikey is he’d better stop this.  Why would he want to infuriate his potential next cellmate?  I guess he is into angry sex cause that is what this will get him as soon as they send him to jail for his “Failure to Render Aid.”

If Mikey Was My Kid:  Which he is most definitely not my kid!  I am a genetic jackhammer and Mikey’s genes are less than the prime genes my body pumps out.  However, if he was my kid, my advice would be screw the hobby!  Stop pressing peoples emotional buttons.  It HAS NOT worked for you now nor has it worked in the past for you.  Your job is more important than your need to push people’s buttons.  In fact, the more firings you have in your work history the more it hurts you to find another job.  Pretty soon instead of taking technical jobs you’ll be forced into working for McDonalds because nobody with a reputable business will want you in their organization.