I personally agree with Senator DeMint as it pertains to Berkley.  If they want to embarass themselves it’s their right but why should the rest of America pay to fund them?  I think we should kill all earmarks destined for Berkley.  Senator DeMint’s plan sounds good to me.  Take the money away from Berkley and give it to the US Marines.  Senator DeMint’s plan is to kill the following budget items:

Matsui Center For Politics and Public Service – $970,000

Albany Ferry Service – $750,000

Chez Panisse Foundation – $243,000

Berkley Public Safety interoperability Program – $94,000

Berkley Unified School District – $87,000.

They overstepped their authority by telling the marine recruiters to leave their city.  I think of it like this.  Those marines are Americans before they were soldiers.  So in effect, those commies are telling US citizens they are not welcome and are considered uninvited guests in their city.  That makes me think that a retired veteran, like myself, is not welcome in Berkley, CA.  I think the new saying is “If you don’t stand behind the troops then maybe you should stand in front of them.”

I do not think it’s inappropriate to take away the city of Berkley’s federal money.  In fact, I think I would make them humiliate themselves to get their funding back.  I think it would be appropriate for them to cut a commercial supporting the troops and air it throughout the state of California to get their federal funding back.  This could be a lesson to the rest of the commies in the state.  Also we should prevent the state of California from giving these people money because they’re an embarrasment.

Also I’m in favor of boycotting all services and products that come out of Berkley, CA.  Now let’s see how these people whine and cry about losing Federal Funding.