sputnik-monroe.jpg  Pro-Wrestler Sputnik Monroe

Although Sputnik Monroe is white, he deserves to be noted during black history month.  A little know fact now days is that he single-handedly wiped out segregation during pro-wrestling events before the US government forced segregation through public law.  To find out more about this larger than life charactor, look his name up.  There is quite a bit about him on the web and I don’t think I’d do his story much justice by taking one website’s information and posting it here when there are so many with different information on the things he’d done.  He has a truly interesting and inspiring story.  The site I saw said there was a movie made about his incredible story.  I’m not sure what the name of the movie is but I saw him in person in the 60’s.  Obviously he was a favorite wrestler when I was a kid because I remembered his name until today.