I heard all kinds of remarks on different liberal networks which I find absolutely hillarious.  You guys are killing me here.  For some reason, liberals have a head up ass opinion as to why conservatives listen to people like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hanity, etc.

Conservative talk radio does not tell people how to vote!  This seems to never reach the part of the brain meant to foster comprehension.  They merely analyze the candidates via their voting records, current events and news, and discuss these matters.  They also collect news items from around the US to discuss their opinions.  Talk radio exists to inform, educate, and entertain it’s listeners.  Nothing more nothing less.

Conservative Talk radio leaves telling their voters how to vote to the liberal media who don’t have a problem talking about candidates they feel their candidate has a chance to beat.  Thus is why they push McCain and Huckabee out there in the public’s face.  They feel they should tell us how to vote.

Rush has failed:  This was said constantly and it’s just not true.  Liberals believe conservatives to be brain dead people incapable of thinking by themselves but let me point out one thing.  Democats are like flies on horse patties when it comes to the manmade global warming scam.  Each of them endorse it w/o asking any questions whatsoever.  Who constantly challenges the scam?  Republicans.  So who’s brainless sheep? Did you know that 109,000 years ago the Artic was water instead of ice?  Why that’s long before we started leaving carbon footprints.  So it is entirely possible that our weather is a natural cycle.  When John Christy was working for the IPCC, I didn’t hear any of the brain dead attacking his credibility until he left the IPCC because he did not agree with manmade global warming.

Great Americans like Sean Hanity and Rush Limbaugh have not failed.  They have spoken nothing but the truth about John McCain and Huckabee.  Both are liberals posing as conservatives.  Neither, is interested in furthering the conservative party with conservative ideas.  The liberal media has called John McCain a Maverick and has gone as far as to compare John McCain with Ronald Reagan.  There is no comparison! John McCain couldn’t equal Ronald Reagan on Reagan’s worst day!  Yet liberals attempt to make this jump and conclude they are the same.

No, Conservative Talk radio is not dead and they did not fail.  Liberals are upset that they have to lie about conservative talk radio hosts to smear them but conservative talk radio hosts don’t have to lie to critisize anything about the liberal party or the liberal media.  Talk radio didn’t have to lie about the Sexgate scandel when slick willie was in office.  Talk radio didn’t have to lie about Hillary during bimbo eruptions.  Talk radio didn’t have to lie when they exposed Hillary’s problem getting her story straight on Drivers liscenses for illegals.  Liberals had to lie to smear rush over the “Fake soldiers” comment. 

If they really believe Talk Radio is dead, I dare them to attempt to push another illegal immigrant amnesty bill and see how fast the public informs them that they do not support amnesty.