It seems John McCain has a lot of people trying to tell him how to show he’s conservative at C-PAC speech.  This is as stupid as it gets.  Nobody can tell Rush how to be a conservative, nobody had to tell Ronald Reagan how to be conservative but evidently McCain needs people to tell him how to be conservative.  This shows that he shouldn’t be running on the conservative ticket.  Instead he should have changed parties and ran as a liberal.

Last time he ran for president, he had more people advising him on how to be conservative.  McCain blew those people off and continued the campaign as he felt he should.  It didn’t pay off last time.  One of the things people have told him is to sign promises to be conservative. 

I’m not the only person who doesn’t like McCain’s stances on the issues.  There are plenty of republicans out there that are talking about not voting at all.  My response is too vote.  If it comes between McCain and Obama, I will simply vote Obama.  The only reason I’ll vote for McCain is if Hillary wins the democratic nomination.