It’s simply amazing that this is a issue.  Muslims in UK and Canada are demanding Sharia law.  Here’s my opinion.  These countries were not founded on the principles of Sharia Law.  In fact, these countries were founded by Christians of all religious afilliations. 

If you moved to one of these countries from an Arab country and you want Sharia Law.  Simply pack your bags and get on the next plane to go back to where you were living. 

If you were born in the country your demanding Sharia law in, apply for citizenship in a muslim country and move there.

What you are asking is for everyone to change their laws to fit YOUR religious affiliation.  Even though they don’t practice YOUR religious beliefs, you want them to adapt them.  So much for religious freedom.  The fine point that their laws have been in effect for longer than you’ve been in their country doesn’t seem to mean much to you.

 I subscribe to your right to immigrate to these countries.  I even believe you have a right to practice the legal aspects of your religion as often as required.  However, you do not have a right to break the laws in the country which you immigrated to in the name of your religion.  Honor Killings are illegal and you will go to jail and they won’t give you $200.

I am not a racist and I don’t discriminate between religions.  However, the US constitution says you have a right to practice your religion provided no laws are broken in the process.  Yes, this applies to you if you immigrated into the US!