Yesterday I was shooting from the hip as I pondered Romney getting out of the race.  I have given this more thought in the last 24 hours since we got the bomb that Romney was out of the race.  I believe I have found answers to my most troubling thoughts on McCain.  If McCain is sincere in his statements, from his speech, about seeking guidance from the republican party, then he’ll take a strong conservative as his VP.  From Rumor’s I’ve heard, he’s not going to.  Let’s just hope he does and this will be a lot easier to vote for him.  The rumors are he wants a liberal VP.  That is a mistake on his part but even if he does, as long as we have a conservative majority in the house and senate, it won’t matter.

I’ve reached the conclusion that if we do vote for McCain, the best thing we could do is to make sure he has a conservative majority in congress.  This would negate any liberal stupidity on McCain’s part.  The only way this would work is if people vote instead of staying home.  If I could say anything to the people refusing to vote then I would say vote anyways.  That way we can minimize any dangerous decisions on McCain’s part. 

I understand there are a lot of areas that McCain sides with liberals on that aren’t exactly things we’d want to vote for.   If you simply stay at home, your giving the liberal party the presidency and the majority in congress which is a dangerous combination to their advantage. 

Let’s look at my issue with McCain’s idea to create a carbon tax.  It has to be approved by the majority.  If the Majority is Republican then chances are he’ll be shot down.  Club GITMO:  same thing applies here.  If the majority is Republican his ideas about GITMO will be shot down. 

Even I, with my reservations about a McCain presidency, can vote for McCain knowing that he won’t be able to do what he wants without a majority vote from congress and senate.

What if the Liberals win anyways?  Again, we would have at least put the majority in congress as Republicans so that would negate liberals as well as John McCain.