Go Speed Racers, Go, go…:  Someone needs to explain the concept of no speeding laws on private property.  Obviously like the blond that can’t quite figure out the difference between a vegetarian and a vetrinarian, Mikey doesn’t get it either. Those kids running their BMW at 120 miles per hour on private property did not break any laws. 

Yes, they showed a lapse in judgement and paid for it dearly.  Mikey should let the Ocala boys alone and let the town mourn their loses in peace and quiet.  By further antagonizing these people, Mikey shows he’s a heartless Eunick.

Vote Today:  I’m not sure why Mikey made such a big production of going to vote but he did.  I’m not sure if he really did vote.  It seems to me that Mikey has a problem doing civic duties so it makes you wonder if the head-up-ass commentator really did vote.

South New Jersey Voted smart:  All of a sudden, Mikey is a political analyst.  Although his rapture is short lived as of today, the delegate count gap between Obama and Clinton is getting smaller.  How’s that Mikey, your going to have a black president.  I’m sure there is a soul food resturant near you so you can go celebrate!

Trajedy At The Polls:  I’d love to see William Geisler, 86, live next door to Mikey.  Just sitting there waiting for Mikey to go wait for the city bus to take him to work and then nearly run his ass over daily.  Maybe Mikey’s girlfriend should paint a bulleye on his ass that way Mr. Geisler has something to aim for.

Love Those Brits:  Mikey is proud of his bad musical tastes as he crows about his cheap music.  I should be the first to tell him that the reason that CD was so freakin’ cheap is that nobody else wanted to buy the crap.  However, I have figured out something by his selection of music.  The reason Mikey doesn’t drink is because he’s a drug addict.  Who else would listen to a CD called “This is Techno.”  I’m sure he went out and purchased a few hits of exstacy so he can stay home instead of going to the local Raves.  Saving the life of every unfortunate SOB who happens to be on the road as he’s trying to ignore his drug induced state enough to drive home.  This explains Mikey’s failures enough though.  I mean his wife stayed with him as long as she did because he probably kept her high.  When he couldn’t afford her habit too, he started holding out on her. 

Now that she’s off drugs, she wants a divorce.  Way to go Mikey.  I guess you showed her!

Ocala still Defends Its Criminals:  Again, more head up ass commentary from Michael.  Contrary to what Michaels says, those kids did not break any laws.  There were no alcohol or drugs found on the kids.  As for the speed limit, there was no speed limit.  It was private property. 

Berkley Is My Kind Of Town:  Again, more Head-up-ass commentary from Michael Crook.  Seems he has spoken a little bit too soon.  He’s excited that the communists in Berkley, Ca called the Marine Recruiters unwelcomed uninvited guests in a city resolution.  I hope the city council realizes now that they “screwed the pooch” by doing this.  Senator DeMint from South Carolina and Senator Coryn from Texas has introduced legislation pulling all of Berkley’s 2 million dollar freebies from the federal money Berkley was to receive.  In fact, Berkley’s Mayor has been apologizing for a week now and two of the members of the city council have made a move to rescind the city resolution.  (Note to Mikey, rescind means throw the resolution out).  Obviously Mikey loves being on the wrong side of an issue and has been embarrased many times over his cheering for something like this. 

Ocala? Conscience?  This was just an article to insult the people of Ocala.  Obviously, Mikey doesn’t have anything else to do except to smoke weed and and insult people who aren’t doing drugs like him and are successfull. 

Dog-1, Gina-0:  Another jab at the crowd that got Mikey fired from his job after his employer found out what a dirtbag Mikey is.  Evidently a dog sucessfully jumped off a 6 story garage and survived. 

Mikey Leaves The States:  Yes we all wish Mikey would leave the USA, but unfortunately for us, he ain’t going nowhere.  Holland wouldn’t tolerate Mikey and he knows that.  They’d kick his ass out of their country faster than a bullet out of a gun.  If Mikey does leave the states for a while, he’ll be back.  Holland is known for laid backness and tolerence.  Both of those concepts are as foreign to Mikey as friendship.  Mikey lays out his reasons for leaving by saying 420 is legal.  That implies to me that Mikey is a pot smoker. 

The good thing:  Once again, showing what a piece of shit he is, Mikey is crowing about calling CPS.  Apparantly his soon to be ex-wife is stupid.  She is still having sex with Mikey.  Evidence is she’s pregnant and instead of taking care of the kid, Mikey is going to call CPS to take the kid away because Mikey doesn’t want to be saddled with child support.  I would highly suggest the state of New Jersey Force Michael Crook to get neutered.  That would be a hell of a lot cheaper than taking care of all his bastard kids. 

This move should prove to everyone that Mikey has a problem with responsibility.  He thinks he can continue his Drug Junkie lifestyle and always expect the STATE to take care of his bastard kids. 

However, I do have news that will most certainly be thought of as me pissing on Mikey’s parade.  If she seperates from Mikey and complies with CPS before the baby is born, she may be able to keep the kid.  This would committ Mikey to paying child support.  Mikey would also be responsible for paying for the medical portion of the delivery.  I think she should stick it to Mikey because he needs to learn responsibility.  She didn’t have that baby by herself, she had Mikey’s help!  Maybe this will teach Mikey that having sex has consequences beyond disease. 

If Mikey’s wife has any friends, she should listen to them because I’m sure they’d give her some good advice.  However, knowing who she’s married to, I have to think her friends can’t stand Mikey. 

Not Even On Sunday:  Mikey is busy crowing about how he hates people asking him for money to support a charity.  Evidently, Mikey loves fast food and was asked to donate money at Wendy’s.  Seems Mikey wouldn’t give a penny to a starving kid. 


My Opinions:  Mikey’s revelation about 420 makes sense to me for several reasons:

   a.  He can’t keep jobs.

   b.  He can’t keep wives.

   c.  He’s not successfull at anything he attempts to do.

   d.  He believes his own hype.

   e.  In a argument, he can’t follow the argument.  On the Hanity and Colmes interview, he had trouble following his own thought process.  He honestly could not follow Hanity or Colmes arguments.

   f.  He believes 9/11 was an inside job because everybody knows the Afghans produce weed for him to smoke.  People like that are not sophisticated enough to carry out such attacks.

   g.  He’ll always be a worker and never a boss because he’s unable to function without weed.  Being the boss means you have to think without the influence of weed.  Mikey on weed is a lot like the minorities he likes to call lazy.  Mikey probably sits around a lot smoking weed.

   h.  This would explain Mikey’s enthusiasm listening to that pathetic music video that he had a link to on his site.  I didn’t appreciate the music from the nun because I was not high.  This also explains Mikey’s choice of music. 

   i.  Most people that are using drugs, hate things they were not good at.  In most of the cases, they hated school.  In Mikey’s case, he hates the military because he was not good enough to measure up to the standards of military service.  Then again, the military doesn’t allow it’s members to smoke weed either.

   j.  Mikey hates minorities.  He feels the minorities in this country has amounted to more than he himself has.  Mikey has to suck up to drug dealers in his community to get his weed and has no other contact with minorities. 

   k.  Look at his opinions, need I say more?

I also feel that I should make a retraction.  I was told that the Aryian nation has banned Mikey from the group.  I guess that just means Mikey can’t be a successfull racist without failing.  How pathetic one must be when they can’t be a successfull racist.