Odd enough, one of Mikey’s favorite ignorant sayings about veterans is that they couldn’t hack it in the civilian world.  Seems to me, he’s not exactly making it in the civilian world.  I on the other hand, have a retirement check and a part-time job.  Yes I work 24 hours a week but I’m doing way better than Mikey.  LMFAO.  Then again, I’m way too proud to put a tip jar on my website and ask for handouts like a bum on the street.  LMFAO.  Guess Mikey wishes he still had those advertisers on his site!  I think we should all follow Mikey’s lead.  Mikey doesn’t give to charity, so why should we?

He gathered up his nickels and dimes so he could go to Wendy’s and eat lunch off the dollar menu.  Yeah, that’s success Mikey!  That’s got to be the real reason Mikey hates donating, he usually don’t have anything left after he ate lunch to donate.

 I’m getting ready to go to a TEXAS steakhouse and have a much nicer dinner than Mikey.  In fact, it involves a salad, nice thick steak, baked potato and Wheat rolls.  I’ll probably chase it down with some sweet tea and have some banana pudding for desert.  I’ll just bet my dinner is way better than his lunch.  The resturant I’m headed to doesn’t ask “Would you like a apple pie to go with that?”  In fact, my bill will come to $30 and I’m VERY generous with the waitresses.  I usually give a good tip.  Well it’s definitely better than the tip I have for Mikey, “Don’t Eat Yellow Snow!”