It’s ok if I’m not an english scholar, I never claimed to be.  Although Mikey boy, I’ve got things you don’t have.  A job for one.  For two, a retirement.  For three, I’ve never been called America’s least endowed girly man!  Hahaha and if your not down with that, I’ve got 3 words for you.  Gx Fxxx Yxxxxxxx!

Things I’ve never had

 I’ve never had to demand a woman support me because I’m not a screw up like yourself.  I’ve never pretended to be a female so I could get pictures of nude men.  Unlike you, I was man enough to make it through basic training.  I’ve never had people threatening to kill me.  I’ve never had to tell as many lies as you have.  I’ve never had to use false information to get jobs.  I’ve never had to sneak onto websites and beg the owner for access under the nick Teresa.  THAT! was gay as hell dude!  I’ve never had a public spanking like you at the EFF court proceedings.  I’ve never had to make a public apology for abusing the DMCA.  I’ve never had to plant a fake story on someone else’s site for publicity because quite frankly, I’m not THAT DESPERATE!  I’ve never had to ignore facts on purpose in my blog to get my message across like SOME bloggers that have their head up their ass!  I could just keep going on with the things I’ve never had to do but I think I’ve made my point! 

Just for you Mikey, I’m going to write freedom of speech 4 dummies.  I want you to pay attention, maybe you’ll learn something!