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The just of the videos is that some thermometers used to detect GLOBAL WARMING SCAM are not situated in areas that give true readings.  If you use a thermometer to measure the temperature inside the city, your getting a reading from the cement inside the city.  This is a important flaw.  Cement gathers heat and gives the illusion it’s hotter while it may not be.

Computer models that the IPCC uses cannot accurately forcast percipitation.  These models cannot figure out how much water is evaporated from the oceans and therefore can’t accurately tell where that percipitation will fall, how much of it will fall, and what type of percipitation will fall.  The computer models also fail to tell what the effect will be on the area that the percipitation will have on the environment. 

John Christy made a great discovery hailed by all of those at the IPCC that he could get weather data from weather satellites.  His research has concluded that there hasn’t been a change in temperatures in the atmosphere.  Which brings us back to the thermometers that have been placed inside the city that they use the data from.