Michael’s pathetic attempt to claim he’s a victim.  He also attempts to claim that I’m Unamerican.  I was in the military 20 years, my son was in for 6 years and did 2 tours in Iraq.  While you do have freedom of speech, there are repurcussion that may happen when you squander such a valuable right to spread hate speech around the web.

 As for corporations stiffling your freedom to speech, they have not.  As for a team of lawyers, get real!  There are none.  Sure a couple of people expressed a desire to boot you off the net and consulted a lawyer to find out how to legally do that.  There was no subterfuge involved.  It makes for a good science fiction novel but reality is Mikey is losing a game of numbers.  More people hate Mikey girl than like him.  Keep whining like a little bitch Mikey, I find it amusing.  That tells me we are winning and you are doing the same thing you always do…lose!

Not even the ACLU can save your ass now Mikey.  Mikey claims we’re displaying hate and anger and we are trying to get even with him.  There’s no more hatred here than someone running over wildlife that runs into the middle of the road.  Mikey is just as insignificant as that too.  If I have to choose between running over a coyote or hitting another vehicle trying to steer clear, the coyote’s fate is sealed.  Pretty much like yours is Mikey.