I have no problem that I have helped get Michael Crook’s sponsors removed from his site.  If you’ve seen his blog, he’s painting a VERY untruthful picture of everything.  Well for the most part, he’s claiming victimization and there is no such thing as a victim that volunteered to be a victim.

His so called “blog” was created to attack people on a personal level which by the way violated many of his web hosts terms of service.  He also used his “blog” to further his racist views. 

I started going after him when one of my customers played a video of him on foxnews channel’s “Hanity and Colmes.”  In it, he admitted to celebrating everytime a soldier died in action.  Being a 20-year military veteran, I’m offended that someone would do such a thing.  After hearing that video, I hit the internet to see what was out there on the internet.  The more I read, the more pathetic of a person I found him to be.  My feeling is that Michael shouldn’t be able to profit off a website that promotes celebrating when a soldier dies and promotes racist views.

However, he made a lot of enemies out of Ocala, Florida and at least one of them was able to get his site removed from his hosting companies.  They did nothing illegal in doing it.  They basically asked the companies if his website violated their Terms of service, which it did. 

Godaddy’s terms of service were violated by the content that Mikey girl put up on his site.  Instead of taking full responsibility for his actions, he’s sitting back crying and whining that his freedom of speech was stifled.  HATE SPEECH is not considered protected speech.  Statements like “Someone should hang Al Sharpton” and saying People who support presidential candidate barak O’Bama were referred to as apes, broke their terms of service.  It makes me laugh harder while he’s whining about being stifled.  He has no concept of freedom of speech.  He’s not in jail so he must have freedom of speech.  He’s been made fun of for his opinions but that still falls under free speech.  You can’t have it both ways Mikey girl!  If you have free speech so do others.  HATE speech violates terms of service.  He even bragged about being the boss and refusing to hire qualified minority applicants.

I will not ever apologize to Mikey because it is undeserved.  I stand by my right to have his sponsors removed from his site.  There is only 2 things Mikey can do about it.  1) Nothing 2) learn to accept it.