More whining by Mikey.  It’s quite hillarious to listen to him whine about getting thrown off 2 webhosts.  To show what a dumbass he is, he’s yet to acknowledge that he got himself thrown off the net.  That goes to show how truly stupid he is. 

 He goes on to say that his blogs aren’t offensive.  They aren’t right now because your watching what you say.  He says nothing he’s EVER said has offended anyone.  Yes I know he’s an idiot.  Mikey made an enemy of me when he proclaimed he celebrated everytime a soldier dies in combat.  Mikey thinks that his speech wasn’t hurtful to the families of those soldiers.  Obviously that’s a oxymoron, Mikey does not think.

Mikey proclaims that I’m a communist.  I’m not a communist.  Honestly, Mikey is insulting the world by proclaiming himself  a Republican when everything he says proves he’s liberal.  The only reason he’s gone Republican is because he’s a racist and a sexist.  He’d vote for anyone who isn’t black or a female.  Liberals always attempt to call others communists when their party values are based on the communist manifesto. 

What Mikey is too stupid to understand that when you go to a memorial myspace page for Ocala kids and announce your web address so that they see the hateful things you wrote about their deceased friends, that is harrassment and you can’t convince me of anything different.  Can you say stupid is as stupid does? 

Mikey also called the 13 y/o girl that was pimped out by her mom a whore but the fact is that he does not have a clue about the whole issue.  The fact is, not everyone hates their mother like Mikey.  Truth is, Mikey’s own mother doesn’t approve of the things Mikey does.  In defense of Mikey’s mother, this must be the reason that some animals eat their young.  Kids trust parents for the most part.  Mom said it was ok and she trusted her mom.  This is the equivalent of Mikey getting raped by big bubba and then me saying Mikey loved it and was a whore.  Kids 13 y/o doesn’t understand the law and what’s right and what’s wrong.  Mom should have known better is the bottom line!

Mikey should take responsibility for his acidic blogs that are meant to piss people off.  He shouldn’t blame others that have been offended when they have him kicked off his webhost.  If he’s going to act like a baby then maybe he shouldn’t be going there!  You cannot push people’s buttons then whine when they get your ass thrown off the net.  You should expect it!