I decided to do an education piece on this because Michael Crook can’t understand why Prince Harry would join the military.  Obviously, he was asleep during history class.  During the early days of British History, the King often accompanied his soldiers and developed the battle plans for the fight.

 When he had kids, the kids had to know battle strategies because they would sit in on battles that the king did not go on.  The kid’s will possibly one day move up and take control of the throne.  Therefore, they would need to know about military strategies. 

Unlike Michael Crook, the British Monarchy views military service as honorable.  I’m sure Prince Harry was deeply informed of everything going on while he was in Afghanistan.  Even though he may have been lower ranking than most involved in presenting strategies.

Our brothers-in-arms in the UK believe in the finer things in life like tradition.  Most of our military traditions were pulled from Britain.  Take the salute, many people don’t know where that tradition started.  The basic saluting of a commissioned officer is only meant to show that officer your unarmed and your approaching on friendly terms.  Later, it was redesigned as a respect action.  The origins are the same.

Obviously, Mikey could have learned all of this if he’d done a little research but it takes time away from pissing people off in his blogs, smoking weed, vegging on the couch because he’s lazy, and finding a new job.