McCain has already gotten the Republican parties nomination.  It sucks that the liberal media got him this far by pushing him into the media and singing his praises.  However, they may have won that fight, but it is far from over.  You see I’m stuck with a candidate I don’t like so I feel a need to squander my vote to get even.  If things play out like I hope, liberals will be forced to vote for someone they don’t like.

 Yes, my cousin will be a happy man, I’m going to vote for Hillary in the primaries.  McCain refuses to take shots at Hillary or Obama but I’m betting Hillary has no problem beating and battering Obama to make it to November.  I’m guessing if she makes it to the party caucus, she’ll have slick willie call in some votes from the loyal dems.  Yes, I’ve examined the table and I feel that while John McCain probably may not be able to beat Obama, he most definitely has a chance to beat Hill-a-babe.  I’ll vote for McCain in November.  My vote doesn’t mean a damn thing right now as far as the Republican ticket anyways.  Can you say checkmate?