I had to laugh last night as I listened to the democrats and the liberal media.  Everyone seems to be ignoring the obvious, Hillary won because Conservatives who felt they had nothing to lose by keeping her in, voted for her.  It is not because we like her political points.  We like the fact she’s going to bloody up Obama until she loses or she wins the party’s nomination.  It will also create a bit of chaos within the democrat party because this is the first time in a very long time, they haven’t had a clear cut winner.

I laughed last night because the liberal media started singing Hillary’s praises and talking about how the American people have come around.  I had to pick myself off the floor, I was laughing that hard.  LMFAO.

It took the state of Texas clear into the morning hours to count up everything.  Obama thought he had the same point spread as yesterday but it’s declined to a 88-point lead overnight.  Honestly, Obama blowing up at the reporters because he answered 8 questions was probably not a good idea.  If he does that to reporters, what is he going to do when he’s president?

Besides, he’s the first nominee that has come out and said he can’t be called by his middle name.  However, the democrats were the first people that said it.  He seems to be trying to change politics in ways that favors himself repeatedly.  He can’t be asked about his relationship with someone who bombed the pentagon, we can’t ask him about his relationship with Tony Hresko, etc. 

He is paying the price for his antics now.  Hillary has shortened up his lead already.  I was up late reading what the guys and gals on drudge were saying.  They are not happy with the results.  The liberals are outraged that we would interfere with their elections as much as we were outraged that they’d vote for McCain.  Of course the overall feeling is that they decided to call us mindless sheep because I guess Rush told people to vote for Hillary.  I’d already made up my mind a month ago to vote for Hillary because we lost 2 of the better candidates.  It probably won’t teach these idiots a lesson, but it’s called karma. 

It’s wrong for liberals to vote on the Republican Ticket in the primaries.  So to correct that injustice, I voted in the Democratic primary.  Of course, I’ll be the first to admit that I will be voting for McCain in November.  Now both parties will have a candidate that we don’t like, this truely will be a level playing field!