You guys are killing me here.  Some Democrats are really unsure of what Rush’s intent was and some had the audacity to say that it didn’t work.  I’ll assure you that it did work and explain why it works and still is working.

First off, democrats and the liberal press teamed up to support McCain from the start of this election.  Why else would a perfectly good republican (Mitt Romney) be forced out of the election so early in the primary?  It’s because liberals have decided that Mitt could beat any of those that they’re party pushed forward.  So Liberals showed up in the earlier primaries to vote for McCain.

Fast forward to Rush asking Republicans to vote for Hillary.  Now Rush’s goal was not to make Hillary win.  His goal was to get Hillary close enough that she didn’t bow out of the race.  McCain’s nomination was made on Super Tuesday and most Republicans knew that.  By voting for Hillary, we ensured that Hillary and Obama would be fighting each other until August which is the last primary.  McCain secured the nomination so he’s done for now.  He can use this time to raise money for his white house bid and watch Hillary and Obama batter and bloody each other up. 

Instead of either one of those candidates focusing on McCain, they have to focus their attention on each other until August.  By keeping Hillary in, we’ve ensured that they will have to rely on super delegates this year to determine a clear cut winner.  This in itself promises to create chaos and fracture the party.  It’s apparant that it will due to the fact Team Hillary and Team Obama are bloodying up each other right now in the online community.  Each side is stating why each candidate deserves the super delegate vote.  Neither side is willing to drop out of the race and be the others VP. 

The “Limbaugh” factor ensures that the Democrat race will be decided by the Super Delegates which is creating more chaos and angst over how the Super Delegates will vote. 

Ask yourself who wins in this situation with all of the chaos in the democratic party?  The clear answer is McCain.  He’s got time to fund raise and firm up his base.  He’s got time to make himself look good to hardline Republicans who feel jilted that he’s even a contender, thanks to the liberals who voted in the Republican Primaries. 

To see people pull out exit polls, voting numbers, super delegate numbers is making those of us who understand what the “Limbaugh” effect was supposed to do, is making us laugh.  You’re reading into this far too much than what was intended. 

It was hillarious to see the people on PMNBC say that “Rush has somehow “Perverted”” the election process is a bogus claim.  Why is it bogus?  Because Liberals fired the first shot!  They voted for McCain, not the Republicans.  I personally believe, fair is fair.  If Liberals can skew my election, it’s my right to skew theirs!   Thanks for playing!  You guys are way too funny.  I’ve got my popcorn ready to watch Hillary and Obama beat each other senseless.  This could get better than a UFC championship fight!