In case your not sure, this is what Rush calls his telling the Republicans to vote for Hillary in the Ohio/Texas primary.  Boy is it doing exactly what he said it would do.

 Pro-Hillary Clinton bloggers are boycotting because some of their users are harrassing and threatening them.  Now, here’s how I see this.  I see this as votes for McCain.  I mean most of them would not vote for Obama if their candidate doesn’t make it into the general election.  The two sides are fighting it out until August. 

Obama has big problems which his speech did not fix.  He’s losing voters now so by the time we reach general election, Hillary has another argument.  Not only did she win key battlefield states, but now she could have momentum on her side.

The stage has been set and now more chaos will begin setting in up until the Democratic Caucus in August.  If Hillary closes the gap between her and Obama, she could tear away super delegates from Obama.  At the end of it, there will be a divided Democratic party. is singlehandedly fracturing the party right now. 

We should all give a big round of applause because they are fracturing the party. is a George Soros creation to buy him a politician.  Goes to show you that you can’t buy an election George, better luck next time.  Maybe if you spend your money more wisely, you’ll get better results.