I called it right!  I told you guys that “Rush The Vote”/Operation Chaos would fracture the party and it has.  Hillary supporters won’t vote for Obama and Obama supporters won’t vote for Hillary.  I saw an article on Drudge written by one of the superdelegates, in the article he’s pushing for candidacy manipulation.  He suggests we won’t see a Hillary/Obama ticket where either are on top.  He’s saying you may have a Gore (P)/Hillary (VP) ticket.  No matter how you look at this, McCain may legitamately get those same votes he got in the primaries plus the votes of the democratic candidate that wasn’t picked in August.  NOTE TO LIBERALS:  This is what you ask for when you start trying to manipulate the Republican primaries.

The Liberals are crying foul over “Rush The Vote.”  Some are insisting that voter fraud has occured.  I’m willing to bet that they will not be able to substantiate this since liberals and Independents crossed over to nominate John McCain while I’m willing to bet 90% of these people will not vote in the general election for McCain.  Rush only asked people to get even with these people by voting for their candidates.

 I’ll tell you why liberals have this kind of reaction to “Rush the vote.”  They feel like they own the copyright for such actions and how dare you Republicans use our own tactics against us!  That is why most liberals are outraged at “Rush the vote.”  Again, liberals yelling voter fraud may work in Ohio but not in Texas.  In Texas we don’t have to register Democrat or Republican.  You register to vote then you don’t have to affiliate yourself with a party and you can vote anyway you want because it is YOUR vote.  In Ohio, liberals are attempting to intimidate the voters.  How ethical is that?