On Thursday, my customers got an education in what a good communicator can do just by being clear and concise, not to mention being crafty.

On Thursday night, I had to watch for customers, listen to the flight staff meeting, and run my area.  Which I did to the best of my ability.

As I was listening to the flight staff meeting, I saw a young  man walking around the building.  I walked up and approached him inside my computer room and asked if I could help him.  He got sarcastic with me which pissed me off but I kept my cool and let him have it in a way that embarrassed him.  It was so bad that he went and got my stack of base papers outside and handed it directly to me trying to make amends.  I didn’t have to make a nasty comment and I didn’t have to show anger in my comment.  In fact, I was very nice and very professional. 

These situations happen in every day life and it’s all about how you handle them.  I took the high road and didn’t stoop to his level nor did I give him anything that he could use to justify his behavior.  I flat out honestly told him the situation.  I told him “Tonight, I had to sit in the flight staff meeting and had to run this area too at the same time.  I looked up and saw you running around the building and thought you were looking for me so I came to see what I could do for you.”  Everyone in the room could see his change of attitude.  He went from “A guy with a chip on his shoulder” to “What all do you guys offer?”

At which time, I gave him a tour of the building and told him about everything that goes on inside the building.  Five minutes later, he came in from outside holding my stack of base papers which they set outside the door and I have to bring them inside the front doors and place them on the paper stand. 

You can’t solve anything stooping to slide under the bar someone else has set.  I could have very easily pulled out my military id and promptly put this guy in his place.  I didn’t because I don’t have to resort to that to adjust someone’s attitude.  Instead this guy respects me and I didn’t have to pull any kind of rank on him or treat him like a kid.  Next time he comes into the building, he’ll remember our last contact and I probably won’t have to deal with “The guy with a chip on his shoulder” again.

 Being a good communicator has it’s advantages.  Just because you passed English, doesn’t make you a good communicator.  Sometimes being a good communicator means you have to postpone your anger to deal with situations.  It always helps when your not stooping to their level and attacking them back.  In fact, it’s better when your nice and professional.  It has the desired effect.  I mean this guy felt like a piece of crap when I was done with him and I didn’t have to yell at him.  That is the value of being a good communicator.