Yesterday was a great day and a Godsend.  made up for the rest of the days of the week. 

Monday-Thursday wasn’t very good.  I had a sinus headache every day.  Thursday I went to the doctor and endured a shot in each butt cheek.  One shot was antibiotics and the other was steroids plus got some more antibiotics and 800 MG muscle relaxors which I have to take 4 a day.  Luckily, that seems to have gotten rid of my sinus problems.

Friday was the first day I felt good.  On Friday I was up at 7am and had to go to Sam’s to buy water for both the home and the office.  I took my wife out to eat at Texas China Buffett and got a big surprise when I checked the mail. 

In the state of Texas, veterans with disabilities are given a letter to take to the county tax assessors office.  This qualifies them for tax breaks based on the percentage of disability given to them by the Veterans Administration.  In 2005, I got the letter and took it to the county.  The mortage company never acted on the letter I sent them.  That left over money sat in my escrow account for 3 years until legally they couldn’t hold it any more.  I received a check for $1,023.00 on Friday.

I’m now in a position to pay off what doctor bills.  It will be a pleasure to not have any more debt.  In the long run, it’ll put $94 a month back in my pocket.  I’ve decided that I haven’t seen this money so long, I can probably get along without it.  I’ve also decided that I’m going to take $50 of that $94 and put it in Certificate of Deposit’s each month.  I want to build a fund for house repairs.  I figure I’ll be CD’s monthly for the first year and extend them for the full year.  The next year, I’ll add $50 to the CD and rebuy it for a year.  My first major purchase for the house will be to replace the central air unit for a more economical unit.  I’m looking at spending $13,000.00 to buy a better one.  I may be able to wheel and deal after I have 50% of the cash and make payments directly to the company.  Also my income tax return $147 + $600 +$50 in may will be a great start.