Medea Benjamin (Code Pink) came off looking like a dumb blond again.  She should really just stop doing everything she’s doing because each time she looks dumber than she did the time before.  She attempted to go head to head with Lt Pete Hegseth (  Hats off to Lt Hegseth for keeping his cool while listening to the dumb blond.

Medea attempted to say she represented the majority of Americans when she doesn’t.  Public opinion has changed but Medea hasn’t.  She’s still the communist loving b*tch she always has been.  If the majority of people wanted us out of Iraq and Afghanistan, it would be a constant thing on the news…it’s not.  In fact there are quite a few days there is no news coming out of either war.  Why is that?  It’s because things have gotten better and the media has determined that good news is not newsworthy.

Medea lived in Cuba and felt the whole experience was orgasmic and decided to come back to this country and try to make us like Cuba.  She’s in fact a communist.  Medea if you were THAT happy and orgasmic in Cuba, then you should move there permanently.  Resign your citizenship in the USA and become a Cuban.  It will be amusing when you see how things really are in Cuba and try to swim to GTMO.

Medea Benjamin comes from a rich family and while she was in Cuba, she was treated as a guest.  Things change when you are considered one of the poor.  The Castro’s (Fidel and Raole <SP>) treated you as a privileged person.  You would not be treated as well if you were considered a citizen.  Of course someone as blond and dumb as Medea would never think that would happen.

Anyways the video on foxnews made her look as stupid as she really is.