I think a lot of our liberal friends like Obama not because he’s a good politician but because up until this election season, Nobody knew who he was.  This man is running for president, what has he done for us lately?  Nobody can honestly answer this.  In fact, we learn more about Obama as we go along in this election.

Wowwing audiences by simply mentioning change and hope is lame unless your willing to address what we’re hoping for and what kind of changes your attempting to make.  He doesn’t make any other claims other than change and hope and both sentiments are abstract unless you say what your going to change.

Things we’ve learned about Obama are starting to kick his ass in the primary elections.  The Jerimiah Wright issue still hurts him to this day.  The fact he claims that small town people “Cling” to religion and guns is hurting him every day now.  Some say he won’t win PA now because of his words.  His relationships are killing him as it pertains to Jerimiah Wright, Rezco, and William Aires.

He’s said that he turned to religion because he was bitter.  Jeeze, and the whole time I thought people turned to religion because they wanted to worship god.  This must be a new age thing.  I’m willing to bet he turned to religion to help his political career more than he went to help himself spiritually.

As far as him being bitter, Obama did attend Harvard law school.  Obviously, he’s not bitter because he was poor.  My daughter went to Texas State University because they were cheaper.  I doubt Obama has been very honest with people since he’s turned to politics.

The more I hear about Obama the worse my opinion of him gets.  His friend William Aires is a murderer.  He killed innocent people working in the pentagon merely because he was protesting the Vietnam war.  He bombed the pentagon several times.  This man is associated with Obama.  Obama seems to surround himself with people who hate America.  His wife also fits into that category.  Reverend Jerimiah Wright fits into that category.  William Aires fits into that category.  I have to ask myself in lieu of any specifics out of the Obama camp, What kind of change does this ass clown think he’s going to bring?  Will it be positive change?  We can’t answer any of those questions because Obama is playing I got a secret.  I, like so many others, will probably vote for the devil I know rather than take a chance on the devil I don’t know.

Obama has said he made a poor choice of words when he said people cling to guns and religion but what happens when he does this when dealing with dignitaries from other countries?  It could result in more trouble than having a bar next door to a trailor park.  Do we really want this guy to represent we, the people?