Today is earth day.  Liberals want you to turn off everything except your refrigerator or freezers for an hour between 6pm-7pm.

I’ll even be celebrating sort of.  I’ve got my AC cranked to 70 degrees and will leave it on all day.  I’ll be working this evening but when I get off, I intend on filling up my car and driving around town for about 1 hour.  While at work, I’ll have all of my lights on and all of my computers, I’ll even have a few people on game systems playing games.  When I finally make it home, I’m going to run my lights an hour longer and then go to bed.

Why would I not participate?  It’s easy, I’m hostile over liberals and they’re FAKE environmental issues.  Can you honestly look at the Ozone layer clusterfuck and say honestly say that manmade Global Warming hold’s water?  If you can, you’re naive and need to be brought into the world we live in.  Environmental scientists could care less about the fact they were wrong.  Liberals don’t care that they demonized a product that wasn’t as bad as they led us to believe they were.  That waste of life Michael Crook has a saying that holds true for the environmental wacko’s “It’s All About The Money.”  It’s not about the science, it’s about the money.  The sooner idiot’s reach the correct opinion the sooner we can move on and put the scam behind us leaving Al Gore mumbling “the time for debate is over?”