The trouble with Liberal Ideology is that none of it works.  Liberals say we need to use alternate energy sources but they don’t like the ones currently available.  I compare the liberal energy ideology to trying to get a female to make a decision.  It’s just as painful watching a liberal try to make up their minds about energy.

Liberals try to tell us they are for energy conservation through efficient use.  However, conservation does not replenish stocks.  We have a lot of oil available to us to drill for but the liberals won’t let us do it.  On the other side of the coin, we can use nuclear energy but they won’t let us use that  either.

The US Navy uses nuclear energy to power up it’s fleet now and it saves the government money on fuel.  There has yet to be a incident on one of the navy ships using nuclear energy like liberals like us to believe.  They want us to believe that nuclear energy is dangerous and experimental.  Truth is that other countries are using nuclear energy and haven’t had problems with it.  They want the price of gas up there so they can use it to demonize the Republicans and big oil.  However, gas prices did not get this high when the Republicans had the majority in congress.  No, the oil prices didn’t start going up until the Liberal democrats gained the majority in congress.

Chuck Schumer is an idiot today and he will still be an idiot tomorrow too.  Chuck Schumer says he’s for a tax holiday this summer if it comes out of big oil’s pocket.  How f*cking generous of Chuck.  Chuck believes we should pay more for government but also believes, he has no obligation to manage a government budget.  He believes he has a right to spend our hard earned earmark monies to fund frivolous projects.  Chuck Schumer needs to understand he can’t have cheap oil prices without raising stock levels.  Obviously, he sucks at economics!

Again, I’ll say it again.  There are no successful democratic programs out there. That’s why the liberals need the manmade global warming theory to be true.  They need to say we identified and supported it first.