Today, Barak Obama threw Reverend Wright under the train.  He should have done this a long time ago but he decided to play stupid.  Well far be it from me to say he played stupid cause maybe he is stupid for denying knowledge of any of Reverend Wright’s antics.  He’s since come clean and says he knew.

Reverend Wright hasn’t done Obama’s candidacy any good whatsoever.  It’s kind of karma like if you look at it from the right perspective.  Obama started attending church to help his political career now it’s starting to harm his career.

During the speech, he appeared to be a beaten man.  His shoulders were sagging and the look on his face was defeat-like.  Liberals say Reverend Wright does not hurt Obama’s candidacy are now saying Wright is trying to hurt Obama’s campaign.  I believe Wright wants to hurt Obama’s campaign so he can say Obama didn’t win because of racism.  He wants to try to justify his personal views by causing Obama to lose.