Everyone was saying Obama is a uniter.  I take issue with that.  If he truly was a uniter, Hillary would get out of the race and the party wouldn’t be as divided as it is.  If Obama truly was a uniter then Reverend Wright wouldn’t be a problem for him.  If Obama was truly a uniter then the presidential race would be over already because we’d all be united already.

No, someone like Obama coming in and running for president does not have half a chance to win the presidential race.  Not because of racism, because of what has he truly done?  He hasn’t done anything to make America better yet.  He does not have a good track record yet.  You can look at his voting record and be forced to the point of vomiting at the thought he’s running for president.  His game has all been all talk up to now.  He’s not done anything remotely notable in the US Senate yet.  He’s on his first term.

I object to the rumblings of racism about the ad in North Carolina.  The ad pointed out that Obama voted no to giving gang related violence the death penalty.  There is nothing racist about bringing up his voting record.  That’s a fair criticism as far as I’m concerned.  Chris Matthews heard the ad and immediately said it was racist.  Chris is an idiot.

In fact, Obama has NEVER seen racism like a 60 year old black man.  That man could tell Obama stories of how it used to be but Obama wouldn’t be able to comprehend the whole extent of what that 60 year old had to say.  Liberals will try to convince you that your a racist if you don’t vote for Obama.  I say your not if your basing your vote on his record and what we know about Obama so far.

Reverend Wright and William Aires are both significant problems for Obama to surpass on his road to the whitehouse.  First off, his friendship with both sheds a doubt on his integrity.  He’s friends with a person who killed people in a series of bombings.  William openly admitted he was guilty yet couldn’t be prosecuted because of a series of missteps by the police and prosecutors.  Reverend Wright is a racist preacher teaching racism based on the past instead of preaching about right now.

Obama acts like the Wright controversy is stupid however, he went on national TV and threw Wright under the train, yet the controversy is stupid.  Doesn’t that sound strange?  Obviously, he felt it was big enough problem that he had to schedule a press conference to formally throw Wright under the train.

I could care less about what liberals want to say my reasons for not voting for Obama are.  From the source, I’m a republican so I’m voting for McCain.  I haven’t heard anything concrete from Obama that would make me want to vote for him.  All I’ve heard is that he’s raising taxes.  Unlike most of you liberals, I feel I pay more than my fair share of taxes.  Neither of the Liberal candidates are appealing to me.  Neither is going to do one damn thing for me.  However, I do like John McCain’s idea of getting credit for paying for health insurance.  I’ll get some money back for paying out my health insurance.