This is another item that goes beyond the bounds of good taste.  Dan Frazier of flagstaff has been printing the names of dead soldiers on his T-shirts without the permission of the surviving relatives.  I think it’s a despicable way of making a political point.

I have no doubts that Dan is a flaming liberal.  He claims that his T-shirt sales falls under freedom of speech.  It’s sad how these people rush in and try to claim freedom of speech when, in my opinion, this clearly does not fall into the free speech arena.  In short, your making money off others names therefore it isn’t free speech.

Anyways the class action suit was filed by a Tennessee couple who lost their son in Iraq.  The suit is for $40 Billion and I believe Dan the flaming liberal will lose.  In case your not sure, Dan makes the “Bush lied these people died” T-Shirts.  So in effect, he’s making money off those soldier’s names who paid the ultimate price.  So in a way, he’s basically a bottom feeder who is making money off other people’s names.