There are huge prices to pay for liberalism and we’re paying them already.  Well Lonnie, the liberals aren’t totally in charge?  I don’t care if they are totally in charge or not.  It’s their ideas that have cost us.  Let’s look at some of the liberal ideology that have cost us dearly.

High Gas Prices:  The reason our gas prices are extremely high is because of the liberals.  Environmental wacko’s refuse to let us drill for oil which would take away some of our oil dependency problems with foreign countries.  Bill Clinton is the first of the problems that have happened to us regarding oil blues.  We haven’t built any new oil refineries in the last 10 years.  Why?  Liberals have shot it down every time someone attempts to build one.  They have refused to give permissions for someone to setup a refinery.

High Energy Bills:  Liberals refuse to let the US use the only technology available to get rid of our oil dependency.  Nuclear energy is the only technology out there that has been used in other countries and has gotten rid of their dependence.  Liberals use the movie “The China Syndrome,” as a means to squash our move to get rid of the oil dependence.

We have a food shortage now.  The reason?  Bio fuels!  Environmental wacko’s have us growing corn to use to make bio fuels.
This has hurt us greatly.  We’re at the point where certain food items are being rationed because of the demand.  Experts will tell you that bio fuels are worse for the environment than using oil.

Next year, we’re getting rid of regular light bulbs and are being forced to purchase another kind of light bulb.  All this is being done in the name of global warming scam.  Medically, these bulbs have been shown to make people, who suffer from seizures, have a seizure.  So now we’ve exceeded monetary prices and delved into medical prices.

All 3 flawed candidates are vowing a carbon tax.  Now they want us to pay a tax based on our carbon footprint.  This is a tax based on the global warming scam which all of us taxpayers will pay dearly for.  Even after we’ve shown this is a scam these idiots will shamelessly invent another environmental boondoggle for us to send our tax monies to.  That is these people’s Mode Of Attack.  There won’t even be a simple apology rendered to us for the waste.  If you don’t believe me look up hole in the ozone layer and see for yourself.

Hillary and Obama wants to raise taxes.  Further economic prices we will have to pay.  Liberals believe in spending all monies received through taxes to pay for bigger government.  These same idiots are offended if we, the people, tell them how we feel about what their attempting to do.  They feel insulted that there will be political fallout over them not voting the way we tell them to.  So we don’t necessarily get a bigger voice in decisions for our extra tax dollars that they have stolen.

If Hillary or Obama win the general election, jobs will disappear because their ideology says that companies are evil and that they are going to tax them more.  So then, we won’t be able to find employment.  If you look at the past, when businesses were taxed more, unemployment numbers went up.  So either candidate will cost us valuable jobs and strip we, the people, of employment opportunities.

I could keep going for hours telling you what the liberal politicians have cost us or will cost us in the future but I’m sure most people get the point.  Our Economic woes can be laid at the foot of liberals because they will always side with idiots and nuts.  The last liberal president in office drove our economy into the dirt.  When George Bush took office, he had to deal with the problems that slick willie left for him.  If Slick willie had been taking care of business instead of taking care of monica, we would have been better off.

So you can vote for liberal if you like.  Just proves your a masochist if you want to vote for someone who hates America just like you.  You can hop on their coattails and do irreparable damage to the country.  It will be interesting to see who liberals will blame for their problems if one of these two get in.  Somehow, I believe they’ll attempt to blame the conservatives for their failures again.  Their explanation will probably never be “I didn’t know what I was doing.”  Also neither one will apologize for the problems they have created.