I kind of liked it when Rosie O’Donnell didn’t have a platform to speak on.  I mean, I doubt there are a lot of people who can honestly say she’s intelligent.  I’ve seen rocks with higher IQ than her.  Her latest rumblings is that the Reverend Jeremiah Wright is right.  Just to understand what the airhead is saying, we’ll review the controversial statements.

“Our Government created the AIDS virus to wipe out the African American Population.”  Really Rosie?  I think I’m f*cking insulted by this comment.  I’ve got a friend that was as close as a brother to me that died of AIDS.  He wasn’t a homosexual.  He wasn’t Bisexual either.  He was a white heterosexual who got the disease from his first sexual encounter with a female.  This statement has been properly proved incorrect!

There was the Tuskegee project in our past.  Make no mistake, if that were to happen ever again, I’d be out on the front lines with Al Sharpton protesting.  Our government took black people with a STD and refused to give them medicine to cure them so they could monitor the diseases progress.  This was a criminal vile act and those responsible should have been sent to prison and had their license’s revoked.  It violates their oath to practice medicine.  NEXT!

“Some say Bill was good to us.  Bill wasn’t good to us, he and Monica was riding dirty and Bill did us just like he did Monica.”  Ok, I can’t  refute this one but offer this.  You did that to yourselves by placing that much expectation on a Democrat.  Also I thought it was disgusting that he’d stand in the pulpit and dry hump in front of a family oriented audience.

“No no no, not God Bless America, God Damn America.  We’ve killed millions around the world, and 4,000 in New York and Pennsylvania and didn’t bat an eye!”  Really Rosie?  Your really reaching on saying this one is true.  That goes to show what an obvious waste of time and space you are.  Only a true idiot would say this one is true.  I mean to offer a quote, “If you don’t love it, leave it!”  We wouldn’t miss you one bit.  I’ve stated my opinion on the 9/11 truthers many times.  It’s my opinion that they are idiots and probably need to get a life.  Michael Crook falls into this category.  He’s definitely an idiot!

“Americans Chickens have come home to roost!”  Ok, Rosie, let’s go there!  What were we doing prior to 9/11?  Absolutely nothing.  We were sitting right here in the US minding our own business and we were attacked by terrorists.  I think it’s bullshit how all of the moveon-org members say we should mind our own business and things like this won’t happen to us.  We were minding our own business when we were attacked.  Obviously, I’ve just proved your all idiots and really should focus on whatever your good at instead of politics.  During WW II, again, we were minding our own business when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.

Rosie isn’t a very bright person to begin with.  She’s got documented mental issues and has very frequently gone on TV and embarrassed herself.  She’s too stupid to understand when she’s wrong on all counts and this is ones of those times.  Reverend Wright lied and now Rosie is swearing it’s all true no matter how stupid it makes her look.  Rosie is like all liberals, they have good intentions but their plans to change things is always disastrous.