To me, this whole article was stupid. I mean what kind of person hangs out in a pasture with cattle to measure the contents of they’re farts? Obviously someone with too much time on their hands. Of course when discussing this subject, we have to mention man-made Global Warming Scam since they are intertwined.

The idiot that hung out in a pasture to measure the contents of cow farts discovered that cows emit methane gas. Methane is considered a greenhouse gas thus is supposedly responsible for the earth’s warming. This process will make cattle owners the highest taxed people in the world because now they will be taxed based on how much cattle they own. This tax will be passed on to the consumer who will eventually pay for raising the cattle. I mean it will take a couple of years to raise a calf to a cow so the farmer will pass on his carbon taxes to the consumer.

I’ve stated many times that Man-Made Global Warming is a scam. Something that will affect us all and will waste our money in the end. Did anyone ever think about the theory in whole? Ok, maybe burning fuel is bad because it’s not exactly a natural thing. However, I fail to see how raising cattle can be worse than burning fuel. If anything, I’d argue that cow farts are a natural process that the earth is capable of fixing. The man-made Global Warming Scam is a left idea that was designed to wreck our economy end of story.

We are using too much of our food supply to make bio-fuels which in the end are probably worse than burning fuel and is resulting in a food shortage. It’s insulting to me to say that I, Lonnie Walker, can change the weather when scientist can’t change the weather nor can they predict the weather with 100% accuracy. The same idiots point to their computer models and say the answers are all there but when compared to the actual weather the models are all wrong. There is an old computer world saying “Garbage In Garbage Out!” I think that saying is 100% accurate. There are many variables that affect the weather and these computer models take none of them into consideration.

Part of the problem is that scientist are unsure of how to incorporate these variables. Humidity plays a part in the weather equation but their models don’t understand the process enough to take it into account. There are those in the Global Warming Mafia that say these facts do not matter but they are sadly mistaken. They do matter! You can’t give me some of the facts when you don’t know how all of the factors interact with the weather. Al Gore can kiss every inch of my 200 pound butt if he thinks the time for debate is over. It’s not over nor is the arguments conclusive.

Taxing cow farts is juvenile to say the very least! Some scientists are saying we’re starting to enter global cooling. If that is the case shouldn’t we let the cows fart to warm us up? I mean if that’s why Estonia is taxing cattle ranchers in the first place does it mean we need cow farts if we’re faced with global cooling? If your carbon footprint is warming the earth does global cooling mean we all need bigger footprints? These are legitimate questions that need to be answered. It also raises some doubts about the whole global warming scam and it’s arguments.