If the doctor says your triglycerides are high, don’t sweat it.  Here’s how I got my levels down.  The first thing I did was to stop drinking sodas all day long.   I limit my soda intake to 2 a day with a meal.  This probably singly handedly dropped my levels significantly.  Secondly, I replaced my high soda intake with water and diet lipton green tea with citrus.  Why Green tea with citrus?  Because it contains no sugars and no sugar substitutes.  The citrus sweetens the tea naturally.

Next thing I did was replace my cooking oil to Kanola and olive oil.  both oils are actually good for you diet wise.

I started eating oatmeal for breakfast as well as added high fiber foods to my diet.  This helps get rid of the high triglycerides and high cholesterol.  These foods included high fiber bars which I ate in between meals, almonds, and beans.  I eat beans 3 times a week.

Two times a week, I eat fish.  Fish contains Omega 3 which reduces cholesterol and High Triglycerides.

3 times a week, I’ll consume one alcoholic drink which cuts cholesterol.  You can’t save up your drinks, you’re allowed 1 per day…use it or lose it.

Another thing I’ve done is to switch to wheat breads.  Now days they make wheat hot dog buns and hamburger buns as well as wheat bread that has been mixed with honey.

I won’t say this will work for everyone but this works for me and it’s how I got my numbers down.  It required little on my part other than a few mild changes.  I’m not having to suffer to get my numbers down which is good.  Today, I got the results of my blood tests I had to do last week and the numbers were perfect!  Proof that you don’t have to give up everything for the sake of lowering your triglycerides.  I still eat pork sometimes, chicken, and my weakest of all my diet….hot links.  Yes I still eat hot links.  LOL.

Oh yeah, and I still eat out quite a bit.  I didn’t have to give that up either to get perfect numbers.  Which goes without saying “Oh yeah, I’ll be at the next WWE pay per view at Buffalo Wild Wings!”