The Daily Kos (Kooks) are at it again.  It seems they think that people should not get married while there is a war going on.  As a former solider, I don’t see anything wrong with people getting married while there is a war going on.  I’m most certainly am not offended by it.  It’s real life, get over it!

The Kooks took exception to this and posted pictures of Jenna Bush’s marriage ceremony and intertwined it with photos of soldiers getting killed and war images.  To me this is unacceptable.  That’s like taking a picture of bill and Hillary and then a picture of Bill and Monica Lewensky.  End result is the same, your going after the innocent and the guilty at the same time and shaming the innocent person.

Ok, I get it, you people don’t like Bush but what has that got to do with his daughter?  She didn’t start the war.  It’s just another despicable left tactic.  Bush’s daughter should be outside any point you want to make about President Bush.  Nothing is off limits for the kooks at the Daily Kos.  Markos Moulitsas desperately needs some common sense, intelligence, and possibly a sex change.  The only thing his site promotes is hate and discontent in between his homosexual encounters!  I saw one photo of Markos and it basically identified him as a flamer.  If Markos is a wrestling fan, maybe Markos took the DX slogan “Suck It” a little too seriously.  In either case, he’s definitely the loser of the year!!