Obama says that fox news is the reason he isn’t doing better in Kentucky.  Ok, let’s examine his claims in depth.

Foxnews is clearly a network news agency that appeals to Republicans/Conservatives.  So he’s saying that the reason he’s not getting more votes in Kentucky is because it’s a Republican/blue state.  However, how many times did he attempt to campaign in the state?  He did not focus his campaign in Kentucky.  In fact, he never tried to get votes in that state.

Maybe he’d have gotten more votes had he decided not to write those voters off.  I mean saying you want my vote in a tv ad is much different than showing up in the state and asking me to vote for him.

He purposefully wrote that state off when he made the statement that “They cling to guns and religion and have antipathy for those who do not look like them.”  It’s obviously a racially motivated statement showing that Obama is an elitist.  In other words, he feels like he doesn’t need hillbilly votes from a bunch of Bubbas (Southern men).”

His claims hold no weight whatsoever!  He’s just spinning facts to make himself appear to be a victim.  What has hurt Obama so far is his unwillingness to deal with truths about him.  He was unwilling to throw Reverend Wright under the bus.  He was unwilling to handle the William Aires story.  This will come back and hurt him later on in the campaign.