This makes me go “WTF?”  Our elected officials want to file a lawsuite against OPEC.  They feel that OPEC should pump more oil for us.  My opinion is that we should start solving our own damn problems without asking the rest of the world for not one goddamn thing.  When they have problems, they come to us but when we have problems nobody comes to help us.

I say shut the environmentalists up and start prepping ANWAR for drilling.  This may not solve our problems right away but in time.  If Clinton hadn’t vetoed the bill authorizing us to start drilling, we wouldn’t be in the boat we are in right now.  Also we need to shut up the liberals when it comes to applications to build oil refineries.  It seems they have shot down permits to open a new refinery.

In case your not sure of how oil pricing works, here it is.  When we have a lot of supplies the price is cheap.  When we are short on supplies the price is high.  In case your not sure, supplies are low so the prices are high.

Why would liberals take their attitude to legislation to prevent new drilling?  They are doing the environmentalists bidding.  They have long said we aren’t paying the same price for gas as our European brothers.  By voting against drilling, liberals hope to get everyone on board as they start demonizing big oil.  If you ask a liberal, we’re paying huge prices for oil because the oil companies are bilking us.  It’s not our fault we can’t drill for more oil.  They are being very deceptive (lying) when it comes to why gas prices are so high.  They created the problems and they want you and I to believe they have the solution.  My solution works best, drill for more US oil and the prices will drop.  It’s basic supply and demand rules at they’re best!

Taking OPEC to court won’t have the desired effects because they own the taps and have said their pumping at full capacity.  Lawsuits will create hostility towards the US thus giving them a real reason not to give us what we need.  It will be the divider that isolates us from the rest of the world.  We need oil to function and we need to take some responsibility to provide for our needs.  I say screw OPEC not all oil producing nations belong to OPEC.  I’m sure we can work sweet deals with non OPEC member nations just as well.  Going with non OPEC nations would be a quick fix until we can start drilling in new locations after 10 years those oil wells would start producing results.  When OPEC nations need our help we should tell them no.  They didn’t help us when we needed it why should we help you now?