It’s almost too funny to tell. Most of the liberals are on drudge claiming that Obama didn’t win Kentucky because they are racists. It’s funny how they can say that when Kentucky is a Red state meaning the majority of the state are Republicans and what’s left are a few democrats/liberals who are all calling each other racists because they didn’t vote for Obama.

In a way, I think that Republicans have not been racists because there were no black Republicans running for office. If we had one, I’d most certainly have voted for him over McCain provided he wasn’t one of the parties idiot’s grabbing ahold of liberal ideology like Man-made Global Warming Scam and legitimizing it. I absolutely hate John McCain as a candidate because of his stand on wanting a carbon tax. Some say he’s a Liberal-Conservative. I say he’s a liberal first before anything else. It’s a scam to bill him as a Republican when clearly he is not a Republican. He’s your basic Liberal out to change the Republican party values and is surprised he’s meeting obstacles.

Anyone could have predicted that liberals would resort to calling each other racists over the election. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out since they’d already started calling Republicans racists when we pointed out Obama’s voting record. Obama’s voting record is certainly within’ limits. He is running for the highest position in the country why can’t we examine his record without being called racists? The point was made that Obama voted against a measure to apply the death penalty to all gang related violence. I’d have voted for that bill. I don’t care if your black white, green or purple, if you are part of a gang and kill innocent people, you should be put to death if more than 1 person saw you do it.