There are rumors on the internet that GOP has a tape of Obama’s wife railing  against “whitey” while attending services at Trinity Church.  The implications of this discovery could turn Obama into another Democrat loser in the fall.  There are supposedly 4 sources for this rumor.  The rumor also says the GOP won’t release the video until the fall which gives it time to fester in the Democrat primary race.  What’s really suspicious is that Obama has told the press his wife is off-limits to scrutiny.  Hmmmmm sounds like Obama isn’t the “Uniter” that all the liberals have said he is.  I’ve discounted Obama as a uniter several times already here in my blog.

Do you have any idea what this would do to the pending super delegate votes if it was to be released earlier?  Obama would see all of his super delegates jump ship in very large numbers to Hillary.

I have to ask myself why, if this is true, Hillary hasn’t found such videotape evidence?  If Hillary were to find such a videotape, the election would be over and Obama would be left with his political life in shambles while Hillary would be fighting John McCain in the fall.  This is probably why Hillary is still in the race.

Obama hasn’t really been vetted yet as a candidate.  Nobody truly knows Obama other than a domestic terrorist, a Chicago Slumlord, and the Reverend Wright.  After Michelle Obama’s comments “For the first time in my adult life, I’m proud of my country,” many believed there may be more out there on Michelle, voicing anti-American beliefs.

Now, I don’t know for sure if this is true or not but thought it would be fun to discuss the ramifications of such a find.  If this is true, it should be fun to watch the liberals try to spin they’re way out of this while another Obama bomb explodes in their face.  If nothing else, this will have liberals vetting their candidate more making sure they aren’t embarrassed again in the fall.