Liberals in our senate and congress are pretty much lame. They are filing a law suit against OPEC which I’ve stated in a previous post that it won’t make much of a difference. Liberals believe the way to hurt OPEC and make them comply with our request is to take them to court. I’m so much more intelligent than they are, it’s kind of sad really.

How do you hurt OPEC? You flood the market and don’t stop until they say ouch! Then simply say you didn’t comply with our requests so now we’ve fixed the problem our way! Don’t make us do it our way again! This will make a sound impression on them because then when we ask them for something they will try to make us happy. By flooding the market, we’ll have made their oil less expensive thus they won’t be making as much money per barrel. At which time after they’ve begged us to stop for a whole year, we’ll simply cap the oil wells in case we need them again to make the same point again. Taking OPEC to court isn’t productive to us or them.

Only a true liberal would believe such a move will produce results. My way creates a OPEC motivation, your way will stop them from selling us oil. Of course my way also leaves the door open in case they want to start this again. My way also eliminates shortages in the future.

It’s funny how the liberal left can point at gas and oil shortages and say Republicans are to blame when they are the ones blocking drilling new sites. They are the ones that are blocking new refineries from being built. They go out and preach conservation and efficiency but those items don’t do anything to replenish stock levels. They are being dishonest with taxpayers but then again, Liberalism is based on deception, so what do you expect out of them. They are attempting to establish their talking point that big oil is evil and out of control. They are self-defeating our progress to replenish our stocks of oil. They want to close down oil companies and run them. They haven’t efficiently and effectively run anything in their lives but they want to run the oil companies out of business through legislation. Be afraid, be VERY AFRAID!

Can you see a pattern? I certainly do, isn’t that what Hugo Chavez did? Isn’t that what Jimmy Carter attempted to do in the 70’s when we had long lines at the pump? These same people refuse to admit that the worse thing we can do is let them run the oil companies out of business. They will run it down 12 ft under the ground. If you think it’s bad now wait until they take over the oil companies. You ain’t seen nothing yet if that happens.

The liberals in this country will create worse problems in the oil industry if they are successful at taking over big oil companies. If you think I’m joking, Maxine Waters (D-CA) is threatening to socialize the oil industry. I’m sure the liberal left is feeling orgasmic over this!