I’m offended that liberals would say that because a republican won’t vote for a liberal that we’re somehow racist or sexist.  That is absolutely absurd!  That proves absolutely nothing!  Only a idiot would say such a thing.  Both parties have different philosophies so in essence what these people are saying because Republicans won’t abandon their beliefs and vote for Obama, they are racists?  Really, how stupid sounding is that?

That’s like saying a straight man who turns down a homosexual advance from a gay man is homophobic.  No, it just means the straight man is interested in women but thanks for playing anyways.  These people have a hard time with reality so they have to make shit up as they go.

Why would someone make such statements?  Because they are shameless.  They want you to feel like your guilty so they can shame you into voting for Obama in November.  However, his philosophies are what’s preventing most Republicans from voting for him.

If Obama truly wants my vote, he’ll abandon ideas about man-made global warming, he’ll stop yelling defeat at the top of his lungs, he’ll vow not to tax us more, He wouldn’t have had anything to do with William Aires (Domestic Terrorist), he wouldn’t have sat in a church for 20 years listening to sermons by Reverend Wright spewing racism and hate, Obama and his wife would love the USA as much as I do and as long as they’ve been alive, he would recognize that small rogue countries are just as dangerous as big ones if they acquire nuclear weapons and threaten to use them, he can’t waffle between they are not dangerous and then saying they are, and he’d be tough on terrorism.  Notice none of my reasons are that he is black.  Skin color doesn’t make one difference either way for me, the issues mean more and Obama isn’t telling me what I want to hear.  Also the fact that Hamas, Hezbolah, and Al Quaeda are endorsing his candidacy, does not impress me one bit!  These people are our enemies and Obama wants to meet with each and every one of them with absolutely no stipulations.

Hypothetically, if I opened a church and started preaching the white version of everything Reverend Wright says, people would rightly call me a racist.  So why in the hell is it not racist when Reverend Wright preaches it?

No, liberals will not shame me into voting for Obama by insinuating that I am a racist nor will they convince me that I’m a sexist.  My ideology works for me and I will not abandon it because liberals want me to.  Just the sheer thought that someone would attempt such tactics is improper.