Ok Mikey, I’ll break it down for you. The reason everyone tells you to go back to school is that your an idiot and they are showing EMPATHY for you! Now hear me out, you stated that July 4th, 1776 was significant because we came from England on that date. That is incorrect! July 4th, 1776 was when the declaration of independence was signed. You also stated but there wasn’t a government mandate that we go to war. That also shows your ignorance because we didn’t have a government that could issue any mandates. Hell mandates weren’t even given because they hadn’t been created back then.

The people telling you to go back to school are the ones that would hate to see you look stupid on the show I’m not smarter than a 5th grader. Most 5th graders know this stuff.

We all know you hate effort and we’re all impressed you haven’t starved to death yet because cooking takes effort. I guess that’s why you eat at Wawa’s so much.

Relationships take effort, we know you can’t maintain a relationship for very long because you have such a great track record, 2 divorces as of this morning. It came as no shock to anyone that you have announced your gayness but it still doesn’t change the fact that your going to fail at your current homosexual relationship because you hate effort.

The people that tell you to go to school are hoping that you learn life’s message that sometimes the outcome is worth all of the effort you put into something. If you put forth effort then maybe you wouldn’t fail as much in life as you have in the past. They’re hoping you’d learn that a man is a man no matter what color his skin is. Let’s face facts here, they want you to better yourself through education. Your not exactly the sharpest blade in the shed or, in your case, the closet.

Past comments like trying to redefine drunkard only proves your not very intelligent. Your attempts to say the Holocaust never happened proves your not very intelligent. These people had your best interests at heart when they tell you to go back to school. Sean Hanity even told you to go back to school and called you not too bright. Bright people don’t go around contradicting themselves as much as you do. You say that mental illness does not exist yet you tell people they’re mentally ill. What gives, that’s not consistent with your original message is it?

If everyone is telling you that your not too bright, that doesn’t make them wrong and you right. It should be a good measuring stick that you are truly ignorant and in need of higher education!