Here’s the orginal article for everyone to read.

Now Mikey, you really need to go down to the local hospital and tell them you need an emergency enema because your starting to overflow some.

1st off, it doesn’t matter what was on this man’s t-shirt.   It doesn’t matter that he’s pointing fingers.  He did not issue any verbal threats other than pointing his finger according to the original article.  He was arrested under bogus charges.  Your so hard up to make hateful charges up against servicemen because the military don’t support YOUR homosexual lifestyle. 

This man’s rights were violated and he should take the police department to court.  You can b*tch and moan all you want to and say he was wearing a tshirt that advocated gun violence.  That is not against the law Mikey.  You have a habit of attempting to re-write laws in this country to fit whatever argument your trying to make.

A t-shirt does not mean intent.  The cops come up short on intent.  Let’s rearrange the facts here.  What if the man was wearing a “I am gay” t-shirt and was pointing.  Would that mean that the pointing meant he wanted to have sex with them?  No, absolutely not!  So it’s ignorant to say this man meant to deliver terror to the people in the meeting by merely pointing.  

This is probably one of your most idiotic, lame, brain-dead accussations I’ve ever heard!  You’d better rush to the doctor before you get too full!