This is one of many problems with the procedures used to collect man-made global warming data.  Can you see the problems at this Climate Monitoring Station?

Problem 1:  There are two AC unit exhaust fans next to thermostat.  This will supply said idiot with inaccurate temperature data.  This problem supplies said thermometer with hotter readings than it would if that thermometer was in the middle of the yard.  Jeeze, you’d think scientific geniuses would have thought about that before they started.

Problem 2:  Concrete located next to thermometer.  Ok, obviously these people aren’t that freaking bright.  What happens to concrete when the sun has been shining on it all day?  It absorbs heat all day and gets hot!  heat rises right into said thermometer.  This makes the thermometer give hotter readings than normal.

Problem 3:  Galvanized steel presents the same problem as concrete it absorbs heat all day and makes the area around it hot.

Problem 4:  There is a BBQ pit there close enough to interfere with the readings.

You’d think the scientific genius’s would have figured out that the data supplied from this station would be flawed as hell.  I mean how stupid can one really be and still claim to be a genius?  I would guess that the data from this station would really say the earth has gotten hotter than normal because of where the thermometer sits.

It’s this kind of incompetent and flawed results that creates a problem for environmentalists on their way to raping the American tax dollar.  It shows the environmentalist’s scientific dishonesty.  It shows how committed they are to wrecking the US economy all in the name of a lie.  Trust me if there is one site like this one, there are probably many more just as flawed.  Obviously the UN’s panel on climate control is being used to bring Daddy Al Gore the cash cow.  I mean there are 5,000 scientists saying the theory is correct and 91,000 saying it’s a lie.  Might makes right.  Of course the global nuts and fanatics will probably take the next year off trying to investigate each and every one of the 91,000 scientists to prove they were “bought out” by the evil oil empire.  (They’re talking points not mine).  The time for talking IS NOT NOR WILL IT EVER BE OVER!!!! 

If your one of the mindless sheep that have embraced the man-made global warming scam without questioning anything at all and you have decided you’d love to give the dancing moron (Al Gore) some money, please feel free.  However, don’t expect me to join you.  I have never endorsed the notions of man-made global warming scam nor will I ever.  If they have lied once to the American public, they have probably lied several other times and didn’t get caught.

I’ve already contacted Texas senators and house of representatives and told them not to pass the bill they are attempting to this week.  If this creates a doubt in you, I suggest you email your congressman/woman and tell them how you feel about it.  You’ve got plenty of time.  The Republicans have taken over the floor of the congress until they finish looking at the judges as Harry Reid promised last week.  Until the decision to comply, the Republicans are reading 500 pages of a bill on the floor delaying the newest assault on the taxpayer as it pertains to the Global Warming Scam.