Tops In Blue is part of Air Force Entertainment.  Every year there are talent contests throughout the Air Force and those winners go on to compete for the Tops In Blue team.  These contests are held in Community Centers around the Air Force.  So it’s no surprise that the same Community Centers schedule and handle the booking for Tops In Blue shows.

The team came in on Sunday night and started setting up.  I earned my extra pay almost immediately.  The venue we rented was the Abilene Civic Center which by all accounts is in a bad neighborhood.  I ran off someone who was trying to look around at the equipment for something to steal.  They arrived at 7:30pm and didn’t finish until 4am.  That was a long night.  Then I had to wake up and meet them at lodging at 11am to take them back to the civic center.

Your normal Tops in Blue shows are the equivalent to a variety show.  The team, normally anywhere from 15-40 people singing different songs (Country, Pop, and rock songs) and travel with a show wardrobe.  Most are glittery to compliment the song they are singing.  This year’s show had 2 drummers, a saxophone player, 2 trumpet players, a guitarist, and a bass player.  The drummers had a section where they dueled each other.  It was a pretty good show.

Well 2 weeks ago, the tops in blue show went off without any hitches and ran smoothly.  I have gotten several good comments about how smooth I made the show run after my boss was hospitalized.  I wasn’t in on a lot of the details such as when the doors open or which seats were being reserved.  The protocol office showed up late to put up the reserved signs.  The electrician didn’t bother to come take take out his equipment which I had to ask my boss’s boss to call them at home and get them over there.  I left at 1am Tuesday morning but they didn’t have everything tore down and palletized until 4am.

I was presented with a Tops In Blue coin which is a pretty gold coin with Red, White, and blue areas on the back of it.  I’ll post pictures of the coin in a day or so.  I have to reinstall my digital camera software on my computer first.