I’m a strong advocate of the death penalty in most cases.  There are some people that just can’t live in society and don’t deserve to live.  However, In Kahleid’s case, I’m absolutely not going to agree to give this son-of-a-bitch the death penalty.  This would make him into a hero which is why I think we shouldn’t give him what he wants.  Instead I’d give him 300 life sentences and send him to a prison in NY state to serve out his time.  He’ll be nobody’s hero serving out his sentence this way but rather, I’m pretty sure he’d be somebody’s b*tch.  I’d encourage him to bend over and pray as much as he likes while he’s serving his time.  I’d make sure he gets to share his jail cell with another guy who is serving the rest of his life in prison.  I’d also make sure his cell mate is 6 ft something, very muscular, and hung down to his knees.  Then I’d open up bets as to how long it will take him before he become a atheist.

To kill Kaheid would be too quick and too painless.  He deserves to suffer much like his victims did.  He deserves to be repeatedly beat by the other inmates.  I’m such a humanitarian that I’d offer to buy a lifetime’s supply of KY Jelly mixed with sand for his cell mate.