Here’s the Link to Head-up-Arse Boy’s blog.

More head-up-arse commentary from a guy who holds the world record for sticking his head so far up there he’s on first name basis with stuff he ate a month ago (Namely Wawa cuisine).

Mikey, so your saying your better than these soldiers?  I mean you have avoided the doctors because you believe mental illness does not exist and the doctors can tell you that it does.  They do say that crazy people won’t admit to being crazy and needing meds to straighten them out.  Sounds like you need to go check behind the toilet again.  You might have dropped one behind there.  If there is something brown on it, just dust it off, it’ll be alright.  While your in there, you might want to do humanity a favor and take a shower.  It doesn’t require much more effort to shower up.